Sugar Cane

Friday 3 July 2015

With harvest well underway across all districts ratoon fertiliser application options are key for next seasons harvest outcomes.

While the correct rate of NPKS is important to maintain yield a number of other key inputs should also be applied with the ratooning blend to maximise the potential yield of sugar.

Amorsil MAX supplies plant available Silicon which in sugarcane has been shown to increase yields through greater fertiliser and irrigation water efficiency.

In addition a more erect and stronger plant is produced to intercept available sunlight and resist lodging. Humisol SG allows the application of Organic Carbon into the crops root zone to stabilise nutrient leaching and boost microbe activity releasing Nitrogen.

OzCal being granulated fine grade lime counteracts soil acidity in the root zone from the acidifying of Urea based blends.

NutriFert is able to blend Amorsil, Humisol and OzCal into existing ratooning blends for one shoot application of nutrients while also addressing soil health and improving fertiliser / water use efficiencies.