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Nutrifert has a range of soil amendment products that are ideal for use by sugar growers, including:

Oz Cal
Ultra fine granular lime

Ultra fine granular dolomite

Ultra fine granular gypsum

Soluble humate
available as a granule or powder

Grower Application

These products can be applied using grower equipment, which means optimal timing and convenience. Application can be with worm or paddle drives, spreaders or droppers.

Prescription Blends

Granule size and hardness allows blending with NPK fertiliser for a one shot application. Nutrifert’s prescription blending services are available from depots in Brisbane and Townsville.

Alternatively, the products can be applied as a straight.

Find the right solution

As the table shows, these products address a range of issues.

Issue Ozcal OzcalMag Ozgyp Humisol
Soil structure        
Organic carbon  
Soil health        
More More More More


Application Ozcal OzcalMag Ozgyp Humisol
Fertiliser blends        
More More More More

Ozcal applied as a small annual application allows the acidification occurring from Nitrogen fertilisers to be counteracted. This means optimal pH is maintained for growth from plant and through the ratoon cycles.