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Silicon Based Products

  • The Amorsil™ products are high in the plant available form of silicon for strong crops and efficient soils. They have been analysed by leading independent accredited laboratories and are all amorphous forms of Silicon which are non-hazardous and non-carcinogenic.
  • The two Amorsil products deliver application flexibility to growers including broadcast, direct drill, side dressing, foliar or fertigation.

AmorsilTM Agri

  • A pre plant soil conditioner / potting mix to improve moisture and nutrient efficiencies.
  • 2-5mm granule, pack size of 25 kg bag or 800 kg bag.

AmorsilTM Max

  • A cost effective low application source of silicon at planting or ratoon
  • 2-5mm granule that is ideal for blending. Pack size of 25 kg bag or 900 kg bag

About plant available silicon

The application of plant available silicon has been shown to deliver increased yield and quality through improved:

  • Efficiency of applied fertilisers with less leaching and increased uptake.
  • Fungal and pest resistance through increased cell strength.
  • Plant architecture with increased photosynthesis and reduced lodging.
  • Tolerance to toxic elements like aluminium and sodium.
  • Plant growth, health and vigour.
  • Plant resistance to crop stress like frost, heat and moisture.
  • Utilisation of micronutrients such as boron, copper, iron, manganese and zinc.
  • Soil aeration, root development and biological activity.

More information

Amorsil Brochure

Amorsil is a trademark of Nutrifert Australia Pty Ltd